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It is our duty to answer your questions about the animal and veterinary system, and in this regard, we have uploaded your favorite questions in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this context, we have uploaded your general questions about the animal and veterinary system, and by clicking on each question, you can see the answer below.

The questions are categorized based on the most questions, and if you have any other questions, we have created a platform for you to publish a new question at the end.

Yes . There are several ways you can benefit from special discounts: 1- By sharing this system in social networks, a 20% discount will be considered. 2- By sharing the system image with links in reputable sites, you can receive a 50% discount. 3- By sharing the system image in a personal store as an A4 banner for 6 months, you can receive a 60% discount. 4- If the family of a martyr or veteran is physically disabled, you can receive an 80% discount. 5- If your university grade point average is above 17, 90% discount will be considered. 6- If you are being treated for a specific disease, a 50% discount will be considered. It should be considered that the first series of advertisements is considered as discounts and you can benefit from the plans for one year. If you are north of any of these cases, you can send your message to info@emdad.irpsc.com or send a message to 09127855049 on WhatsApp. If there is a special case that we can help in our service.
To register a complaint about the ad or manage the system, you can contact HQ@irpsc.com.
This will be done by the support team. If the section you want is not in the list, coordinate with the support team or send an email to info@animal.irpsc.com and mention your desired field. If approved by the system management, the desired option will be added and the bidder will receive a free six-month ad registration coupon.
Simply call the support number at the bottom of the site.
"Dr. Mohsen Meshkoo", advisor to the head of the country's veterinary organization and director of the organization's non-governmental veterinary treatment and organization affairs, said in response to the question whether these often luxurious animal care centers and boarding houses are licensed or not: Veterinary is not licensed as a pet boarding house, but it is licensed for centers called animal care centers. » Until further notice, the registration of the advertisement is unrestricted and in case of fraud and complaint from the offender, the stored information will be provided to the authorities.
There are no questions in this section.
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