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About us

About Animals And Veterinarians

Another management system for advertising in the field of animal services and general medicine, training and supply of items related to animals.

The purpose of creating an animal and veterinarian system:

This platform was implemented in 1400 with the aim of helping the Iranian society and creating visual and field employment.

The ad management system is currently managed as a semi-artificial intelligence and Behesht Supply Chain Cooperative Company intends to manage this system fully automatically and based on the structure of neural artificial intelligence.

Post A Free Ad:

In line with the resistance economy and the support of Iran and Iranians, registration of advertisements for single-occupants is free.

It is possible to register an advertisement for multi-occupational persons with the tariffs approved by the company.

Special Ads:

People who are able to pay the special advertising tariff can simply pay the approved tariff to benefit from its special facilities.

International Marketing :

It is intended that, based on the artificial intelligence of the translator, the advertisement uploaded by you be translated into the languages ​​included in the structure, in order to recognize Iran's services to the international community.

Behesht Supply Chain Cooperative Company:

Behesht Supply Chain Cooperative Company, with the aim of helping the Iranian society, has provided the supply chain structuring experience to professionals, engineers, students, producers, artists, businessmen, athletes, handicrafts, students and students. The day will add specialized advertising platforms.

Vision :

Meeting the needs of Iranian society is our main goal and in this regard, we will bring employment, entrepreneurship, direct communication to our compatriots.

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