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Latest News

Sep 25

Sinusitis in ornamental reptiles: symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment

Introduction: Ornamental reptiles, as popular and important pets, need care and attention. One of the common problems that can occur in these animals is sinusitis. Sinusitis is known as a type of inflammation of the paranasal cavities or paranasal sinuses and can appear as a chronic or acute respiratory disease. In this article, we explain sinusitis in ornamental reptiles, examine its symptoms, state its causes, introduce diagnostic methods, and discuss treatment options.

Sep 25

Respiratory diseases in ornamental reptiles

Respiratory diseases in ornamental reptiles can harm their health. The importance of proper nutrition, proper living environment, and paying attention to the symptoms of respiratory diseases cannot be ignored. .

Sep 25

Types of diseases of ornamental reptiles

In this typebook, the types of common diseases in ornamental reptiles are introduced

May 14

All about domestic rabbits

In this type, we continue the article on vomiting of rabbits, part eight

May 14

All about domestic rabbits

In this type, we will continue the article on rabbit vomiting, part seven


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