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Latest News

Nov 28

Call for participation

Invitation to cooperate One of the 32 powerful systems of the Behesht supply chain cooperative company, with the aim of forming a purposeful and stable alliance of all the activists in the field of animal protection and organization of the animal situation, has started to publish this call and seeks to attract committed and interested people in a Create a strong interaction and a new structure for the legal protection of animals in the country

May 12

System to improve and complete the chain with animals

A series of descriptive and basic topics from the goals and programs of the animal and veterinarian system (Part 1: Introduction)

Apr 17

Fox tail is our witness !!

Fox tail is our witness !! In the present age, animals have a different presence in our lives and other traditional uses of them are obsolete or are becoming obsolete  But do we and animals still need to coexist? Is it not time for animals to return to their natural and instinctive worlds and be released from human service?

Apr 08

Animal Health Review

Animal Health Review: It is a place where, first, no harm is done to the animals and second, efforts are made for their health and treatment of their diseases. Animal health re-examination is a kind of animal hospital whose principles and rules are derived from the Animal Revolution Organization and what is one of the main goals of the Animal Revolution Organization is the problem of man himself who has played the role of a parasite in the chain of creation for centuries. The role in the future facing the world, ie (massive transformation) has no compatibility and causes human losses. Therefore, the Animal Revolution Organization tries to save him from the parasite of Yasm by placing a burden on human beings in the path of creation and to turn them into useful and effective circles in the cycle ... And in this way, by planning hospitals, hotels, clinics and other services to animals in particular, and nature in other systems, try to achieve this goal.

Nov 14

Special green diamond subscription | Special green diamond subscription

Special green diamond subscription Special green diamond subscription is a great advertisement that aims to improve the display in the system as well as search consoles.