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Special subscription to Blue Diamond with specialized upload of special ads

Special Subscription To Blue Diamond Along With Specialized Upload Of Special Ads

الماس آبی | اشتراک ویژه الماس آبی سامانه زنجیره تامین بهشت

 The special subscription of Blue Diamond along with the specialized uploading of the special advertisement can introduce you to the Iranian and world community with the best trend. Below, we will discuss how to upload a special advertisement for this professional package.

The special package of the animal system has the ability to insert specialized advertisements, and this process is considered a specialized protocol if you purchase a special subscription package along with the specialized upload of the special advertisement.

What are the plans for the special subscription of blue diamonds in the animal system?

The packages available in the animal system include the following, and in this article, we will introduce the content of the fourth row plan, ie special subscription, along with the specialized loading of the special advertisement.

Package Name: Special Blue Diamond Subscription  | Special blue diamond subscription

Day limit: From the time you purchase the package until the end of the package, 365 days, equivalent to one year, you will benefit from the service.

Limitation of lists: With this tariff, you have the ability to insert three advertisements.

Number of special restrictions: In this package, you will be able to approve one of the ads as a special ad, and this ad will be written by an expert.

In this plan we will help you to load specialized content and we will edit the textual content ourselves with the information you provide.

This process will be done in a way that makes more use of specialized content insertion techniques for better identification by search engines such as Google.

This plan includes inserting three ads and one of these ads will be displayed in the special ads section and we are responsible for editing your special ads.

 What Are The Features Of The Special Content Uploaded In The Animal System By Experts? 

Content uploaded with technical SEO principles is a good way to improve the appearance of search engines such as google, bing, yahoo, etc.

Textual content feature:

A brief description of your main content will be uploaded.

Upload 2500 word textual content with content chain technique and use of specialized content related keywords.

The uploaded text will be uploaded with the latest content SEO technique and taken from the tested rules of the FAQ .

The uploaded content in each headline has a photo or a banner that this process will be uploaded if there are 6 main 2 headlines with 6 photos or a banner.

Features of in-text photos:

Photo uploaded with photo SEO technique can also be displayed professionally in search engines.

Uploaded photos have a template and the advertiser number will be marked on the photos.

Other uploaded images will be set with SEO principles and display in search engines.

Video uploaded feature in the ad:

The video uploaded to your special ad can have a very high output in search engines and this process will be edited by experts. 

The video has a template and will be uploaded in the video training center system and its iForm code will be inserted in your special ad page.

Why should I register my services in a special way?

Special ads can show you better

The special ad will be edited according to the needs of the community, and this process will be understood by search engines if the SEO technique is followed, and it will have a positive effect on better display.

Advertising, if done once and professionally, can show you in the top and first priority in your competition.

The technical SEO team has the ability to register content with the latest methods, and this process is based on years of experience.

Do You Want A Special Ad To Be Made For You By An Expert?

If you accept this process, it is better to act as soon as possible and be on the upload list. Expert members in this field are limited and your upload process will be on the waiting list. 

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