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Teaching dogs to detect drugs

The methods of teaching dogs to detect drugs are:

1- Smell training: In this method, the dog is trained to the specific smell of drugs to recognize its use. In this method, the dog can be trained using the sense of smell, and with repetition and practice, it will be able to identify drugs very accurately.

2- Name training: In this method, the dog is taught to name the location of the medication. In other words, the dog will help the police to locate the substance by identifying the smell and naming it.

3- Training to call and raise the leg: In this method, the dog is taught to call and raise its leg in endurance mode. This method helps the police to place the dog at the location of the drugs and the dog will let the police know that the drugs are there by barking and raising its leg.

4- Training to open the door: In this method, the materials where drugs are located are taught. This method will help the police to send the dog to the place where they can use the board and glue to open the doors and find the drugs.

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