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How to keep and manage street dogs

The strategies that can be adopted to collect street dogs and manage them properly are:

1- Encouraging the breeding of dogs at home: To prevent the production of more street dogs, you should encourage people to breed dogs at home. For this purpose, dog breeding competitions and dog training courses should be held at home.

2- Determining the right place to collect: The right place to collect street dogs should be determined. This place should be easily accessible and not close to public places.

3- Using social networks: Using social networks as a comprehensive framework for collecting and managing street dogs can be effective.

4- Creating awareness: People should be given the necessary information about the collection and management of street dogs. For this purpose, awareness campaigns and appropriate advertisements should be organized in different media.

5- Accepting dogs: Some people are interested in accepting street dogs. Therefore, the appropriate framework for accepting and keeping these dogs should be considered

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