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All about domestic rabbits, part three

Diarrhea disease or mutacelloma in domestic rabbits is a bacterial infection produced by Francesella bacteria. This disease mainly occurs in young and immature rabbits and may cause their death.

Diarrhea symptoms include fever, weight loss, loss of appetite, emaciation, hardening and darkening of the space around the eyes, eye infection and reduced vision. If left untreated, there is a significant chance of the rabbit dying.

To prevent the occurrence of diarrheal disease in domestic rabbits, it is better to feed them with healthy and appropriate food and to pay enough attention to the cleanliness of their house and cage. Also, if you see any symptoms of diarrhea in your rabbit, it is better to visit a veterinarian so that proper and timely treatment can be done.
Francisella is a Gram-negative bacterium found in many animals and humans. In domestic rabbits, Francesella bacteria may cause diarrheal disease, the symptoms of which include fever, emaciation, frequent weight gain, and frequent discoloration.

This bacterium is naturally present in the digestive system of rabbits, but if the rabbit's immune system is weakened, it may simply act as a cause of diarrhea. Also, unfavorable environmental conditions such as improper nutrition or contaminated water can cause a sharp increase in the population of Francisella bacteria in the rabbit's intestine and lead to the occurrence of diarrheal disease.

Antibiotics are usually used to respond to this disease. Also, proper nutrition and healthy fluids can help reduce the risk of diarrhea in rabbits. In addition, it is better for domestic rabbits to be washed by hand and kept in a clean environment to prevent transmission of Francesella bacteria to them.

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