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All about domestic rabbits

Bradycardia, or domestic rabbit heart disease, is a heart disease that occurs in rabbits. This disease causes changes in the structure and function of the heart and may cause a decrease in physical activity, muscle weakness, difficult breathing and even death.

Symptoms of bradycardia in rabbits include heavy breathing, muscle weakness, reduced physical activity, irregular heartbeat, and even increased heart rate. This bradycardia may occur for various reasons, including bacterial infections such as Pasteurella, improper nutrition or deficiency in vitamin E and selenium, genetic differences and fast riding.

Different methods such as echocardiography, electrocardiography and radiography are used to diagnose bradycardia in rabbits. Treatment of bradycardia includes proper nutrition, cardiac drugs and treatment of bacterial infections.

Since bradycardia in rabbits may cause serious problems in the rabbit's health, it is better to always pay attention to the health of the rabbit's heart and blood vessels and consult your doctor if any adverse symptoms occur.

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