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All about domestic rabbits

Diarrhea in domestic rabbits may be caused by a variety of factors, including improper feeding, infection with bacteria, viruses, or parasites, changes in diet, changes in living environment, and stress.

To treat diarrhea in domestic rabbits, the cause must first be identified. For example, if an infection with the bacterium Chinchin is causing the diarrhea, antibacterial drugs should be prescribed. Also, proper nutrition and proper diet play an important role.

Having a healthy diet that contains fiber and probiotics, especially after treatment with drugs, is one of the best ways to control and prevent diarrhea in rabbits. Also, the rabbit's living environment should be neat and clean and unnecessary stress should be avoided.

In addition, if severe symptoms of diarrhea occur, such as fever, extreme fatigue, seizures, or less stool, it is better to visit your veterinarian.

To treat diarrhea in domestic rabbits, the veterinarian can use drugs such as sulfadiazine, metronidazole, florfenicol and ampisulfad. Also, proper feeding and adequate watering are also useful to improve the rabbit's condition

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