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All about domestic rabbits

So why is your rabbit vomiting?

The truth is that your rabbit does not vomit. Rabbits are actually unable to vomit. If you notice vomiting-like behavior, such as liquid or food coming out of your rabbit's mouth or nose, your rabbit may have choked on pellets.
I'm going to talk about why rabbits are unable to vomit, conditions that may be causing your rabbit to choke, and other signs that your rabbit is sick.

Why can't rabbits vomit? You noticed your rabbit acting like it was vomiting, but it wasn't because rabbits are physically unable to vomit. Rabbit physiology is not made for vomiting. Their stomachs and diaphragms are not designed to push food back.

While most mammals are able to vomit if they eat something their body can't handle, rabbits don't have that luxury. The diaphragm muscles of the rabbit are very weak and are not equipped to control food upwards
The structure of the rabbit's stomach is also not designed to expel food from the stomach when necessary.

Apart from the physiological reasons that rabbits are unable to vomit, there are also psychological limitations. An organism capable of throwing sends signals to its brain that tell it to hyperventilate if it has eaten something toxic or uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the rabbit does not feel this way.

Nervous activity, mouth, throat and shoulder are less in rabbits. All these activities are related to vomiting
The inability to throw is one of the weaknesses of the rabbit's ability to survive. A big reason people and animals throw up is because they need to rid their bodies of something toxic or harmful. If an animal is not able to do this, the harmful substance remains in its body.

Researchers believe that rabbits were at one point capable of high pressure. They believe that evolution has favored other survival methods such as the ability to taste and smell. With these impeccable senses, the ability to vomit becomes a little less important.

Rabbits can taste whether an object is poisonous or poisonous. This benefits them in that they avoid the toxins in the first place, rather than ingesting them and needing to vomit later.
Other animals that do not shed are rodents and horses

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