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All about domestic rabbits

What conditions can cause your rabbit to suffocate?

This feeling of suffocation often resembles vomiting in rabbits. When the rabbit is not actually able to vomit, this tricks rabbit owners into thinking their pet is vomiting. There are many different situations that can cause your pet to choke. Whether it's because they ate the pellets too quickly or it's an underlying condition, choking needs to be carefully monitored and controlled.

If the rabbit is choking, it is often on their pellets. If the rabbit tries to eat its food too quickly, it is more likely to choke. If your pet tends to eat their food very quickly, it may be wise to spread their pellets on the floor so they don't grab their food too quickly.
When choosing a rabbit pellet, make sure you don't buy the kind with dust in it. If there is dust in your rabbit's food, he may sneeze while eating. This causes dust to enter the nostrils, which causes suffocation.

If you fear your rabbit is choking, but you can hear him coughing, then he is still fine. In this case, they can be left alone and they will solve the problem by themselves. If you don't hear a cough and notice your pet's lips turning blue, you need to get involved

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