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All about domestic rabbits

What other signs could mean your rabbit is sick?

If your rabbit is choking, he may be choking on his food or suffering from congestive heart failure. However, there are other diseases in rabbits. There are also many symptoms that may be present in rabbits when they are sick.

What are some of these illnesses and diseases?

Pneumonia – Pneumonia occurs when the lungs are severely inflamed. This may impair the functioning of the entire respiratory system. This inflammation may be a result of bacterial, fungal, viral or parasitic infection as well as inhalation of a foreign body in the lung.
Weight loss, loss of appetite, suffocation, sneezing and excessive salivation are common symptoms of pneumonia.
Snuffles is a respiratory disease in rabbits. There are a number of respiratory diseases that rabbits can contract. These are usually caused by various bacteria.
Common symptoms of suffocation are runny eyes, nose and sneezing

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ЩЂШІШШШЄ ШЄШ№ШЩЂЩ ЩЩШШЇ ШШ№ШЄЩШШЇ ШЩЪШЄШЩЂЩЫЊЪ ШШіЩШШЇ ЩЂ ШЩЩШЪ ЪШґЩЂШ ЩШЪШІ ШўЩЩЂШІШґ ЩЂЫЊШЇЫЊЩЂЫЊЫЊ ШЩШЩЩ ШЩ فروشگاه ملی تولید کنندگان مدیریت بر مدیران حم سامانه حیوانات رسانه ملی اخبار متا دانشگاه متاورس استخدام | دانش فروشگاه حم تبلیغات ملی بازار NFT متاورس رنگ نقشه ملی سه بعدی متا ШШЩЩ