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All about domestic rabbits

Can rabbits vomit? Why can't rabbits throw!
Despite hearty and frequent eating, you'll never find return food at the Rabbit Hut. This makes you wonder if your rabbit could induce vomiting or if it is hiding in some way.

Rabbits are physically unable to vomit. Your pet does not have a gag reflex. In addition, the small and delicate muscles of the rabbit's stomach lack the power of vomiting. Your pet's diaphragm is not strong enough to move food through his throat.

This sounds like good news, but it's not. If your rabbit can't vomit, it can't clear its stomach. This puts him at risk of intestinal obstruction if he overeats. He also cannot detoxify himself

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ЩЂШІШШШЄ ШЄШ№ШЩЂЩ ЩЩШШЇ ШШ№ШЄЩШШЇ ШЩЪШЄШЩЂЩЫЊЪ ШШіЩШШЇ ЩЂ ШЩЩШЪ ЪШґЩЂШ ЩШЪШІ ШўЩЩЂШІШґ ЩЂЫЊШЇЫЊЩЂЫЊЫЊ ШЩШЩЩ ШЩ فروشگاه ملی تولید کنندگان مدیریت بر مدیران حم سامانه حیوانات رسانه ملی اخبار متا دانشگاه متاورس استخدام | دانش فروشگاه حم تبلیغات ملی بازار NFT متاورس رنگ نقشه ملی سه بعدی متا ШШЩЩ