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All about domestic rabbits

Why can't rabbits be sick?
According to PLoS One, rabbits lack a gag reflex, so vomiting is impossible. Rabbits do not know how to vomit. Not all things that make humans stressed out apply to rabbits. Your pet continues to eat without realizing the danger it is putting itself in.

In addition to not having a gag reflex, rabbits have a thin and weak diaphragm. This means that your pet does not have the power to vomit. Basically, his digestive tract is a one-way street. Food enters through the mouth and is excreted as feces.
Since he doesn't know about vomiting, your rabbit won't be cautious about it. There are certain warnings that we know make us sick. Rabbits have no reason to think so. Your pet will rely on you without you even realizing it. Rabbits should never reach a stage where this is necessary.

Do rabbits ever come back?
The closest thing rabbits come to vomiting is coughing. Rabbits can cough, but they rarely do. If your rabbit is coughing, it usually means one of two things.

Your rabbit is not well. He has a viral infection, such as snoring.
Something is stuck in the throat. He is trying to clear it.
Obstructed airways require immediate intervention. If the rabbit's throat is blocked, it cannot eat, drink or breathe. Rabbits cannot vomit. This does not happen naturally and cannot be induced. Feeding a rabbit hydrogen peroxide does not cause distress. Although it might kill him

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