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All about domestic rabbits

Health problems caused by not vomiting
Not being able to vomit means less cleaning for your pet. However, the inability to vomit is not a positive physical trait. It makes rabbits susceptible to a wide range of health concerns.

Gastrointestinal Obstructions Gastrointestinal obstructions are a constant risk. If a rabbit overeats, it cannot vomit undigested food. It sits in his digestive tract and causes blockage.
suffocation Your rabbit may be at risk of suffocation. If food gets stuck in his throat, he will have trouble getting it out. You need to get in before your rabbit loses the ability to breathe.
toxicity If your rabbit eats something poisonous, it will not be able to vomit it up. This is why rat poison kills rodents. Many small animals such as rabbits have problems with vomiting.
Never take a relaxed approach to your rabbit's inability to vomit. Make sure he eats a proper diet and keep him away from anything toxic

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