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All about domestic rabbits

Do rabbits poop?
Absence of vomiting blocks the rabbit's digestive system
Owners should be careful about feeding rabbits. Your pet may be small and cute, but it probably doesn't eat that way. Many rabbits are greedy and will eat anything in sight.
Never share your lunch with your rabbit, no matter how much he begs. Foods like bread and meat can have bad consequences. Your rabbit will happily eat these foods, but not digest them. This can cause intestinal obstruction.

This happens when your rabbit eats more food than it can digest. Food that is unsuitable for rabbits sits in his stomach. This means that your pet cannot get enough nutrition or water.

The solution is to provide your pet with hay. Hay is something that is impossible for a rabbit. The fiber in alfalfa also speeds up the digestive process.

With no end to his hay supply, even the greediest rabbit will be happy. A little supply of bullets would be nice too. If you want to offer a treat, use small pieces of fresh fruit or vegetables.

You should also keep an eye on your rabbit's grooming. Since he cannot vomit, ingesting fur can be dangerous. If he's not careful, your rabbit will stuff his gut with his own hair.

A small number of hairballs are to be expected in your rabbit's droppings. If he struggles to eliminate, the hair may have filled and blocked your pet's intestines. He will need immediate medical treatment.
Absence of vomiting can lead to airway obstruction in rabbits
While your rabbit cannot vomit, he is more than capable of choking. If your pet has eaten too much or too quickly, his airways can become blocked. Some rabbits tend to eat quickly and are prone to this disease. Warning signs of a rabbit with a blocked airway usually include:

Trying to breathe through the mouth. Rabbits are obligate nose breathers. If your pet's mouth is open, something is wrong.
Constant shaking of the head. Your rabbit will try to loosen the trapped object.
Walking backwards on the hind legs, especially if the head is tilted back. Your rabbit is desperately trying to suck air.
Bumps around the eyes. This is a universal sign of oxygen deficiency.
Your rabbit may also make a wide range of sounds. Cough is most likely. Rabbits are often quiet animals. If your pet is noisy, there will be an explanation.
If your rabbit has a blocked airway, it means the rabbit is suffocating. As you can imagine, this can turn deadly quickly

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