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System to improve and complete the chain with animals

Animal and Veterinary System بهبود Animal chain improvement and completion system} A series of descriptive topics from the goals and program of the animal system (Part 1: Introduction) ((Self)) What is observed through the neural valve and perceived by other senses in a network full of neural masses has so far been interpreted by the human intellect outside of itself, albeit in a long history. But this outside of oneself can be informed of its existence in a state, and that is when there is a host force called (self). So in a way we can be anything that's any name and we say be human. That we are the result of the confrontation of two forces against each other or in solution or in alliance with each other or in contradiction with each other or infinitely different states that they experience with each other or on each other, each of which constitutes beings called human beings who in The present (if there is a time, of course) exists. ((Out of self)) But the opposite force (self) or the force outside the self, which is very wide or can be very limited and manifests different dimensions in dealing with what we call (self). Occasionally it can lead to jaw pain, always chewing with broken and burning teeth and acidified greed of the tongue from mill tooth infection and a mixture of all kinds of salty, sweet, bitter and sticky flavors together at different times with a 65 degree image Clear and and 115 degrees around the fading of a light decomposition in colors: yellow 100 Iranian lamps that themselves to some degree of gray. Purple . The cracked red scream is fixed in such a way that all actions and reactions in the course of that human or the same (self) are limited to the same multi-line description of (outside the self) and thus (outside the self) for one (self). Can be perceived and declared to exist. And it can be what we call (life) for any of the readers of this article and those who will never read it. Manifest and express and ... ((Importance outside of yourself)) Unlike the example above (from outside). This (outside itself) is in fact based on what science has acquired from human intellect and exploration. What we call the world around or outside also exists outside our control, and although we can make no contact with it, that world has existed and, in addition to the currents flowing over everything that constitutes our current world. It works in many different ways, and we may be unaware of it. Like the first example, which in addition to the world around us ... the same image of the decomposition of light and pain and limited flavors is certainly based on a mountain of layers of meat and fat that work as much as the above without the world Be aware of their existence. Hence, what has been called the world around us so far, of course, based on the abstract has completely reached the bottom of all kinds of concepts and interpretations, etc., that so far different human beings have reached through the passage of what we call time. But the existence of this world is very important, what do we know about it and what do we not know !!? It was a prelude to entering the world around us, where we have dealt with only a very, very small part of what is very, very important in our lives, and that is to improve and complete the chain with the animals. Which we will discuss in full below: Issue 1: Animals Why are animals important in the world around us? !!

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