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Hefal Veterinary Clinic, #113

Another one of the best veterinary clinics is Hefal Clinic, which has been able to shine in this field by providing all animal treatment services. Some of the actions of this clinic are as follows:
Vaccine, sterilization, parasite therapy, serum therapy, visit and treatment, issuance of birth certificate, certificate of departure from the country, installation of microchip, etc. Animal nursery daily from 10:00 to 18:00 in a very attractive environment with the presence of a dog trainer and behaviorist. Grooming services (hair salon): Shaving, washing, hairdressing, nail shortening, emptying the anal sac


Address ایران تهران محله بهار، دکتر علی شریعتی – خیابان شریعتی روبروی سینما سروش پلاک ۲۱۸ واحد ۱۴

Purpose: Marketing

Type of service: Main job

History of specialized activity: Less than one year

Emergency services: Yes

Visit and face-to-face treatment: Yes

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