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Zhou Veterinary Clinic, #125

Expertise and experience:

Zhou Veterinary Clinic, having expert and experienced veterinarians in various fields of veterinary medicine, has the ability to diagnose and optimally treat animal diseases and problems.
Modern equipment:

This clinic has access to modern and up-to-date equipment, which is necessary for accurate diagnosis of diseases and performing surgical and therapeutic services. This equipment includes imaging devices and surgical equipment.
Prevention services:

Zhou Veterinary Clinic offers disease prevention services such as vaccinations, parasite control and health advice to animal owners to ensure improved animal health.
Attention to detail:

The veterinarians of this clinic also pay attention to small details to provide the best treatment and care solutions


Address ایران , تهران , سهروردي شمالي - خيابان خرمشهر - روبروي پمپ بنزين - پلاك 51

Purpose: Marketing

Type of service: Main job

History of specialized activity: Less than one year

Emergency services: Yes

Visit and face-to-face treatment: Yes

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