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Dr. Alireza Moghadam veterinary clinic, #127

Professional and committed veterinarians have various characteristics and signs that can be expected from them as a committed veterinarian. In the following, we have listed the characteristics and signs of commitment in a veterinarian:

Expertise and scientific knowledge:

Veterinarians are committed to keeping up-to-date scientific knowledge and developing their expertise to access the best treatments and therapies.
Attention to detail:

A veterinarian is committed to paying close attention to the details of animal diseases and problems. He is accurate and meticulous in diagnosing and treating diseases.
Advice and information:

The veterinarian is committed to providing the animal owners with complete information about the animal's health status and providing them with the necessary advice.
Acceptance of appointed times:

A veterinarian has an obligation to meet the set times and provide services to his clients on time.
Emergency services:

The veterinarian is committed to providing 24-hour emergency services to help sick animals in emergency situations.

A veterinarian has an obligation to act accurately and professionally and use modern surgical equipment if surgery is required.
Responsible interaction with owners:

A veterinarian is committed to interacting responsibly with animal owners and obtaining a detailed medical history from them.
Maintaining professional ethics:

A veterinarian has an obligation to adhere to professional ethics in interacting with clients and animals.
Commitment to wildlife protection:

A veterinarian is committed to wildlife conservation and participates in conservation projects and programs.
Accepting criticisms and continuous improvement:

The veterinarian is committed to accept the criticisms and suggestions of the clients and improve their services.
Interest in animals:

A veterinarian is committed to love and respect animals and cares for them with love and care.
Education and promotion of expertise:

The veterinarian is committed to improving his expertise over time with the help of training and specialized courses.
With the commitment to ensure animal health and improve the quality of his medical services, the veterinarian plays a very important role in society and cares for animals and their welfare.


Address ایران , تهران , شهر زيبا - ميدان كودك - جنب بانك كشاورزي- پلاك 47 - طبقه اول

Purpose: Marketing

Type of service: Main job

History of specialized activity: Less than one year

Emergency services: Yes

Visit and face-to-face treatment: Yes

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