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Novin Pet Veterinary Clinic, #128

The main differences between modern veterinary medicine and traditional veterinary medicine can be identified in the following cases:

Access to modern equipment:

In modern veterinary medicine, veterinarians have access to advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment that allows accurate diagnosis of diseases and performing complex surgeries. In traditional veterinary medicine, the use of equipment is more limited and general.
Being a specialist:

Modern veterinary medicine emphasizes the expertise of veterinarians and these specialties are more precisely defined and known. In traditional veterinary medicine, specialization is less emphasized and veterinarians practice more generally.
Diagnosis of diseases:

Modern veterinary medicine uses more advanced diagnostic methods such as imaging using modern devices, specialized and genetic tests to diagnose diseases. In traditional veterinary medicine, diagnosis is usually based on clinical signs and simpler tests.
Effective treatment:

Modern veterinary medicine has more advanced treatment methods and relies more and more on the use of different drugs and various treatment combinations. In traditional veterinary medicine, treatments are mostly limited to traditional medicines.
Emergency services:

Modern veterinary medicine emphasizes 24-hour emergency services and has more advanced emergency equipment and facilities. In traditional veterinary medicine, emergency services may be more limited.
Attention to prevention:

In modern veterinary medicine, the emphasis is on disease prevention and animal vaccination. In traditional veterinary medicine, this issue is less emphasized.
Interaction with owners:

Modern veterinary medicine emphasizes active interaction with animal owners and providing complete information about animal health. In traditional veterinary medicine, interaction may be more limited.
Study and research:

Modern veterinary medicine uses scientific research and studies to improve diagnosis and treatment methods. In traditional veterinary medicine, less attention is paid to these issues.
In general, modern veterinary medicine focuses on improving the health of animals by focusing on expertise, advanced equipment and scientific approaches, while traditional veterinary medicine prefers routine and traditional approaches.


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