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Aria Vet Veterinary Hospital, #129

Arya Vet Veterinary Hospital: modern facilities in animal health care

Aria Vet Veterinary Hospital is one of the modern hospitals in the field of animal care and treatment, which is committed to providing professional and quality services for animals and their owners. This hospital has very advanced facilities, which are described below:

Expert and experienced team:

Having a team of expert and experienced veterinarians in all types of animals (such as dogs, cats, horses, etc.), Aria Vet Veterinary Hospital is sure to accurately diagnose diseases and provide better treatments.
Advanced diagnostic equipment:

This hospital has modern equipment such as imaging devices (ultrasonography and radiology) and a specialized laboratory for accurate diagnosis of diseases.
Surgical facilities:

Aria Vet Veterinary Hospital has advanced surgical facilities to perform surgeries including emergency and reconstructive surgery.
24-hour emergency service:

The hospital provides 24-hour emergency services providing advanced care to help sick animals in emergencies.
Postoperative care and care:

Aria Vet Veterinary Hospital pays special attention to the careful and professional care of animals after surgery and treatment.
Prevention services:

The hospital emphasizes disease prevention services such as vaccinations, parasite control and health recommendations to ensure animal health.


Address ایران , فارس , شیراز , تاچارا، نرسیده به کوچه 8، جنب بنیاد فرزانگان

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