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Dr. Poursidreza's veterinary clinic, #137

A standard and quality veterinary clinic is of great importance, because providing health and services to livestock pastures and pets is one of the main goals of these centers. In this article, some features of a standard and quality veterinary clinic are mentioned:

Expert and experienced team: A quality veterinary clinic should have an expert and experienced team of veterinarians and professional personnel who are experienced in diagnosing, treating and caring for animals.

Advanced equipment: The clinic must be equipped with advanced and modern equipment such as imaging devices, diagnostic laboratories, etc. These equipments allow more accurate diagnosis of diseases and providing better treatments.

24-hour emergency: A quality veterinary clinic should offer 24-hour emergency services to be available for animals in case of emergencies.

Different departments: These veterinary centers have different departments for treating all kinds of animals, including cows, sheep, horses, dogs, cats, etc.

Surgical Services: A quality clinic should be able to perform a variety of animal surgeries, including emergency and elective surgeries.

Educational assistants: These centers help in the development of veterinary knowledge and set up educational assistants for veterinary and specialized students.

Importance of animal welfare: A quality veterinary clinic emphasizes treating animals with respect in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and taking good care of them.

Quality of treatment: These veterinary centers are committed to provide quality services and accurate diagnosis of diseases and promote preventive measures to prevent diseases.

Commitment to maintaining animal health: these veterinary centers emphasize to maintain and improve animal health and promote preventive measures to prevent diseases.

In general, a standard and quality veterinary clinic should have advanced equipment, expert and experienced team, 24-hour surgical and emergency services, and care about animal welfare and accurate diagnosis of diseases.


Address ایران , گیلان , رشت , صابرین ، ابتدای بلوار اردشیری ، روبروی فروشگاه سورنا ، جنب نان صابرین ,

Purpose: Notifications

Type of service: Main job

County: گیلان

City: رشت

Emergency number: ۰۱۳۳۲۱۱۴۴۱۷

Head of the clinic: دکتر پور سعید رضا

History of specialized activity: between four to five years

Emergency services: no

Visit and face-to-face treatment: Yes

The name of the chief physician: دکتر پور سعید رضا

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  •   true  Mammalian nutrition advice
  •   true  Initial examination
  •   true  Parasitization
  •   true  Haircut
  •   true  Getting nails
  •   true  Ear cleaning
  •   true  vaccination
  •   true  Periodic checkup
  •   true  Tooth scaling
  •   true  Light surgeries such as sterilization
  •   true  Issuance of identity card
  •   true  Microchip implantation
  •   true  Issuance of health certificate
  •   true  Animal visits to the clinic
  •   true  Visit the animals on site
  •   true  Nobivac Puppy DP
  •   true  Polyvalent dog vaccine
  •   true  Multiple cat vaccines
  •   true  Rabies vaccine
  •   true  relaxation
  •   true  Sampling and diagnosis
  •   true  Diagnosis kit
  •   true  Laboratory sampling
  •   true  Angiocatheterization
  •   true  Cesarean section
  •   true  Castration of rabbits
  •   true  Castration of dogs and cats
  •   true  Internal fracture repair surgery
  •   true  Plastering
  •   true  Surgery and treatment of ruptured wounds

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