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Golsar Veterinary Clinic, #139

Commitment to animals in veterinary medicine refers to the ethical and specific responsibility of veterinarians to maintain and improve the health and welfare of animals. This is very important in veterinary medicine because veterinarians play a key role in caring for animals, diagnosing and treating diseases, and providing advice to animal owners.

Title: Obligation in veterinary medicine: protection and care of animals

Introduction: Veterinarians play a very important role in society and the commitment to maintain the health and well-being of animals is of great importance. This commitment not only adds to the difference for the general health of humans, but also improves the environment and the life of animals.

First part: commitment to correct and timely diagnosis of diseases

The role of commitment in accurately diagnosing diseases and performing the necessary tests for correct diagnosis.
The importance of accurate transmission of disease information to the animal owner.
Part II: Commitment to the complete treatment and recovery of animals

Providing appropriate and effective treatments for sick animals.
A commitment to continuous follow-up and care until the animal's recovery is achieved.
The third part: commitment to protect animal rights

Respecting the rights of animals and preventing abuse and unethical transactions with animals.
Informing animal owners about the rights of animals and the need to care for them.
Part IV: Commitment to public education in the field of veterinary medicine

The role of commitment in raising public awareness about animal health and the importance of veterinary medicine.
Education and advice to animal owners in the field of proper care and feeding of animals.
Conclusion: Commitment in veterinary medicine means moral and human responsibility towards animals. Veterinarians contribute to the balance between humans and the environment by committing to the diagnosis, treatment, and care of animals and help increase the quality of life for animals and humans. Commitment to animals as members of our society must always be respected in veterinary medicine


Address ایران , گیلان , رشت , گلسار، بلوارگیلان، خیابان ١٧٩، اولین کوچه سمت چپ، دامپزشکی و پت شاپ گلسار

Purpose: Notifications

Type of service: Main job

County: گیلان

City: رشت

Emergency number: 01333781123

History of specialized activity: between four to five years

Emergency services: no

Visit and face-to-face treatment: Yes

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  •   true  Mammalian nutrition advice
  •   true  Initial examination
  •   true  Parasitization
  •   true  Haircut
  •   true  Getting nails
  •   true  Ear cleaning
  •   true  vaccination
  •   true  Periodic checkup
  •   true  Tooth scaling
  •   true  Light surgeries such as sterilization
  •   true  Issuance of identity card
  •   true  Microchip implantation
  •   true  Issuance of health certificate
  •   true  Visit the animals on site
  •   true  Breeding and maintenance advice
  •   true  Nobivac Puppy DP
  •   true  Polyvalent dog vaccine
  •   true  Multiple cat vaccines
  •   true  Rabies vaccine
  •   true  Sampling and diagnosis
  •   true  Diagnosis kit
  •   true  Blood sugar measurement
  •   true  Angiocatheterization
  •   true  Short beak
  •   true  Euthanasia
  •   true  Pyometra surgery
  •   true  Castration of rabbits

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