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Dolphin Veterinary Clinic, #141

Title: Specialized pet clinic in Rasht: services and its importance

Pets are an important part of families and people's daily lives. These animals need special care and attention to ensure their health and well-being. Specialized pet clinics are among the centers that provide services to pets.

First part: Introducing the specialized pet clinic in Rasht

Explanation about the definition and importance of specialized pet clinics.
Introducing the location and location of the clinic in Rasht.
Second part: services provided by the specialized pet clinic

Description of medical services provided, including annual check-ups, treatment of diseases, vaccinations, etc.
Explanation of nutritional services and dietary advice for pets.
Part 3: Equipment and technology used in specialized pet clinics

Introducing modern medical equipment used in the clinic, including radiology, echocardiography, and...
Explaining the use of advanced technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
Part IV: The role of communication between veterinarians and animal owners

The importance of veterinarian communication with animal owners in the process of treating and caring for animals.
Introducing the methods and tools used for effective communication with animal owners.
Specialized pet clinics in Rasht play an important role in maintaining the health and well-being of pets. Improving the level of medical services, using modern equipment and effective communication with animal owners are of great importance. These clinics are available to the community as trusted resources for advice and pet care and play a vital role in keeping pets healthy.


Address ایران , گیلان , رشت , پارک شهر، شهر بازی، کوچه شرکت گاز

Purpose: Notifications

Type of service: Main job

History of specialized activity: Less than one year

Emergency services: Yes

Visit and face-to-face treatment: Yes

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