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Cheetah Veterinary Clinic, #95

I have been a veterinarian at Qazvin Zoo for 5 years


Address قزوین میدان جانبازان روبروی بیمارستان رازی نبش کوچه ارمغان پلاک ۲۲۳ طبقه دوم

Purpose: Marketing

Type of service: Main job

County: Qazvin

City: Qazvin

Postal code: 3415836786

Emergency number: 09144058160

Head of the clinic: Dr. Dariush Mohammadi

History of specialized activity: between four to five years

Emergency services: no

Number of treatment staff: No

Visit and face-to-face treatment: Yes

The name of the chief physician: Dr. Dariush Mohammadi

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  •   true  Persian
  •   true  Turkish
  •     eye disease
  •     Ear disease
  •     Respiratory disease
  •     Infectious disease
  •     Fungal disease
  •   true  Bird feeding advice
  •   true  Reptile nutrition advice
  •   true  Mammalian nutrition advice
  •   true  Rodent nutrition advice
  •   true  Initial examination
  •   true  Parasitization
  •   true  vaccination
  •   true  Periodic checkup
  •   true  Issuance of identity card
  •   true  Microchip implantation
  •   true  Visit the animals on site
  •   true  Polyvalent dog vaccine
  •   true  Multiple cat vaccines

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