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باغ حیوانات درنده, #101

The predatory zoo is one of the specialized zoos in Iran, which was selected to introduce this special profession in the animal system.


Address جنگل گرگان

Purpose: Notifications

Type of service: Main job

County: تهران

City: تهران

Postal code: تست آگهی

Zoo area: تست آگهی m2

Entrance ticket tariff: تست آگهی toman

Emergency number: ۰۹۹۲۰۲۳۶۹۰۹

Trained animal for handing over: I do not have

How to buy a product: Buy in person

Number of treatment staff: ندارد

Zoo management name: تست آگهی

Name of senior veterinarian: تست آگهی

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The garden of predatory animals

If it is included in the definition of a garden, but in a completely specialized way, it deals with a specific species of animals in a special category, which is related to predatory mammals, the garden of predatory animals and the reason for its formation: the garden of predatory animals was planned from there and The foundation stone was laid that the species of predatory animals, which are extremely important in nature, are in danger of population decline in our country and even went to the point of extinction in some species. Therefore, because predatory animals play an important role in the ecosystem. and they play a role in nature's cycle, their absence or even lack of them causes disruption of nature's ecosystem and its order, so we felt it necessary to put all our efforts into designing and planning to build a large garden to protect these valuable species. . Predatory animal park and construction operations: To build and form a predatory animal park, we needed fields and pastures where the remaining species live in nature, such as wolves, foxes, jackals, leopards, cheetahs, wild cats, and bears. Therefore, we found the best place for this in the forests of Gorgan, and then, with the use of manpower and machinations, the construction of a protected area was put on the agenda, and the necessary facilities were provided to access the animals of the area. that the primary goal of the zoo of predatory animals is to preserve the environment and its creatures, therefore, from the very beginning, the necessary cooperation for this important matter was done with forestry and environmental protection, and a part of the responsibility of protection was given to them, but the important point in the discussion of protection is to identify and count the number The collars of these animals are so that all their conditions are controlled throughout the year and seasonal changes, and if possible, by injecting maximum microchips into their animals, they are available to the experts of the predatory animal park. The predatory animal park and attracting tourists to the region: among the programs that are on the agenda of the predatory animal park is to attract domestic and foreign tourists to this region, therefore, considering the size of the region and the lack of easy access to the animals in the region and the dangers To meet them, tours with expert trainers and leaders have been prepared for tourists in the region, so that in addition to seeing the natural habitat of predatory animals, they can also get to know the pristine beauty of the region's nature. Tourism in the region has been prepared with its thrills and attractions in the predatory animal garden of the smooth and plain area with an area of ​​several hectares, which is the place to build a village of all kinds of hunting animals with a special design that does not have any contradiction with the virginity of the region. Inside this village, all kinds of Iranian and foreign and rare hunting animals are kept with completely correct and principled conditions, and tourists can have fun in this village at the same time. The affiliation of the Predatory Animal Garden to the Animal Revolution Organization: in all the foundational thoughts and goals, as well as in the implementation of the principles and working methods of the Predatory Animal Garden, the roots of the thoughts of the Animal Revolution Organization can be seen, and in fact, the formation of the Predatory Animal Garden itself is in line with the goals of the Revolutionary Organization. It is animals and in fact it can be said that this is one of the objective forms and manifestations of animal revolution

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