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Animal Health Resclay, #103

Researching the health of animals is a kind of model for a hospital that has a reviving role. And they can investigate, discover, treat, restore and revive what has caused problems in the health of the soul and body of animals. And the purpose of this advertisement is to announce a worthy quality in the field of veterinary hospitals on behalf of (Animals and Veterinarians System) and (Animal Revolution Organization).


Address دشت های سرعین اردبیل

Purpose: Notifications

Type of service: Main job

County: Ardabil

City: Serine

Postal code: Testing the Advertisement

Emergency number: 09920236909

Emergency services: Yes

Number of treatment staff: 450 people

Visit and face-to-face treatment: Yes

Name of the head of the hospital: Testing the Advertisement

The name of the chief physician: Testing the Advertisement

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Animal health investigation

In this definition, we need a place that does not harm animals so that it can be accepted and trusted as a hospital that does not have a hostile relationship with animals. Until then, when passing through the narrow corridors of transformation and the stations before it, it has been measured to be suitable and desirable as an animal health improvement center in the bracket of the animal hospital. Researching the health of animals and its roots and philosophical foundation: if we want to reach the end of the thread, which is never possible, but in this way, we will definitely come across knots that either stop us or divert us, but what to the end This rooted time is the problem of transformation, which is considered the ultimate foundation of our time. Therefore, the less burden there is with us humans in this transformation, the better the end will be waiting for us. And the good end is nothing but frequent stops at the pre-transformation stations, to reduce the destructive speed and acceleration of this transformation and turn it into an event. It is not soft and dreamy!! And perhaps one of the most important stations that has a direct connection with the post-metamorphosis world is the issue of nature and animals. And the problem is that animals don't need our support and they don't complain about their situation, because each of them is in an orbit of infinity, which is the only one. And in this position, they have awareness of the world around them, which puts them on the right path. Therefore, we at the Animal Revolution Organization are not only seeking to restore the condition of nature and animals, but we also know that the goldfish of the Haft Sin table knows and wishes to spend its short life in the narrowness of the table of the solar new year, and is very happy about it. He doesn't need your or my sympathy, wherever he is, his life is the same, but what is important is the role he wears in this great creation and must play it. And this means that the world is always flowing according to the order of that zealous regulator, and that great sage, who created everyone, has made him a necessary role, and each role is a chain on other roles. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! ...but; It should be noted that in order not to play the role of a parasite in this chain and to play a relatively important role, a person must voluntarily take the burden off the shoulders of others. To give back to the world what he used so far uselessly. Therefore...: We in the animal revolution organization and its various committees: in order to save man from parasitism in the chain of creation before the great transformation, we have not gone to man, but to other links in the chain that man always carries his own burden. We had them and we return them to their original nature to help humans to be what they were in the beginning and free, and one of the most important issues ahead on the way to return to the principle of freedom of instinct and intelligence and perhaps evolution is the issue of health. In the issue of health, the priority is the mental health of animals, so that they are freed from the thoughts of being locked up and part of human property and everything that smells of slavery. We have put this issue in the philosophical foundations of Animal Health Research Hospital. Until then, the process of physical treatment begins in patients. Animal health research and the first foundation stone: The foundation stone of the first animal health research hospital was laid in a place where in the usual and common veterinary hospitals, which are often similar to clinics or hospitals with limited services, there is no concern under the title of patient health, and only follow-up Accompanying the patient and paying money on time will take care of the patient's condition. While medicine was basically created for the treatment of all creatures and the secrets of its science were given to nature, which man has a very small amount of it, and whoever knows its science, whether he says it with his tongue or believes in it with his heart, should Apply in any situation where someone's life and health are in danger, although many do not do so. Wali! It is that doctors, veterinarians and herbalists are obliged to implement it, not only in the animal health research hospital, but in all human, animal and agricultural hospitals, such behavior should be modeled. The second cornerstone in researching animal health: In the second cornerstone and the stabilizer of the first cornerstone, it should be noted that the doctor's commitment to the patient for treatment from the heart and with the satisfaction of the heart is actually the doctor's commitment to the patient's treatment and the sense of responsibility that He has regard to the patient's condition, the patient's condition is a part of his real concerns, so he conveys this feeling of responsibility and commitment to the patient and gives him a heart assurance that it will be important for the doctor to know that I am today at all. I'm not bored So, he has an emotional relationship with him that is based on a strong support, and from this support, he is drowned in peace, and this is the most effective treatment among other treatments. Researching the health of animals, a big goal: in the third cornerstone, understanding and advanced psychoanalysis on animals to correct the behaviors related to slavery and free their mind and psyche from the chain, a chain and the owner, and rebuilding the innate instincts of animals in accordance with the breed. and the race of each animal and helping the evolution of animals as soon as possible through a breed in nature and control over the remaining species in nature, in this way it can be said that in the long-term program of the Animal Revolution Organization it is stated that: to improve the condition of animals in Their first nature is subjected to psychological investigation and their mentality moves from bondage and pure slavery to the freedom of their racial instincts, and then they are subjected to racially guaranteed operations and controlled and orderly generations at the same time. High-quality, intelligent, talented and superior breeds are extracted from them, and then, using technologies such as metaverse color, the animals are given training so that they can gradually live as citizens next to people or away from them. live by themselves Re-examination of an animal hospital: But in general, with such roots and foundations and based on such a view, we are trying to establish a hospital for animal health. First of all, we consider the condition of the oath between the doctor and the patient to be obligatory on the doctors in all cases, that they should not make any excuses to take care of the condition of a patient, especially the sick one. And the doctor's concern about the patient's condition brings relief to the patient's mind and heart, who considers the doctor to be trustworthy, confidential and a firm support for him. • Thirdly, psychological freedom and mentality from slavery and its reconstruction with self-confidence and return to the originality of racial instincts and return to nature • Physical treatment with the most modern veterinary methods and with the most complete equipment • During the recovery period along with training courses of life and all kinds of skills, techniques and sciences with the color metaverse method • Organizing and performing de-racial surgeries and improving the quality of each race within its own race, rather than one race becoming another race, and controlling and installing microchips in the body of animals for healing period . • Establishment of herbal medicine and medicinal plant laboratories in the hospital to investigate the health of animals and the use of natural and herbal medicines. Many people who are in the first line of exiting from anglicism in this collection can be busy and carry that burden. to get their freedom

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