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Safe Dog Home, #102

Pets safe house or luxury hotel Pets are introduced in the animal system because there is no like in Iran, and the purpose of this ad is to inform its audience that the definition of dog life should be removed because the inventory with Such a value deserves the best hosts.



Address تهران زعفرانیه

Purpose: Notifications

Type of service: Main job

County: تهران

City: تهران

Postal code: تست آگهی

Emergency number: ۰۹۹۲۰۲۳۶۹۰۹

lowest price: 000 toman

The highest price: 000 toman

The head of the hotel: تست آگهی

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Safe house for domestic
dogs Safe house for domestic dogs or the luxury hotel and 4-star domestic dogs in the animal system is actually a model for forming a simple culture and replacing it with look and rank (dog life).
Safe house for domestic dogs,
philosophical terminology:
In fact, at first glance, we can use this name in the first and last part of this word. And this means that there is basically a phenomenon called a pet, and for example in this ad the dog is wrong, wrong and in the negative pole.
And the argument for this comes from these few conditions
• First, the safe house is usually used for a shelter, and the shelter meets one of the most urgent human needs, namely providing security.
Ensuring the safety of life is the least and most important thing a person can do to save animals from their own encroachments, and then it is said to bring security.
• Now the point is that the general definition of a pet is one of the assets of a home. And it is considered a family or a person and that person or persons have complete control over his life, although instead of food, heat, security !? And it provides him with a place to sleep and he is kind to him in better conditions ... but !!! But ....
• In any case, the animal of any kind with any conditions in coexistence with humans, in addition to having to do service in all cases and in any form, from caressing and flirting to pure loyalty and doing heavy work .
• And beyond that;
(Owning their lives is the problem !?)
And this is the big issue that makes the easiest possible place to live in terms of animal system and the new veterinarian achieves a degree of 《security آن, in contrast to living as 《a pet
امن a safe home for domestic dogs and its roots in Animal Revolution Organization:
But when we are faced with a theory and a statement based on it, we must certainly look for the roots of that thought, the root of which:
《God created the world by His wisdom and by the command of His greatness. And scattered all kinds of creatures in it. And made man worthy and made justice prevail over the world.》
Always relying on the will and command of that eternal power of the universe, we sat and thought and overcame these ideas that in the * Animal Revolution Organization *, which is in fact an action by a completely unconventional thought called (transformation of nature and animals) into the realm of existence We have arrived, which we will suffice to name in the current period.

Pets' safe house, the beginning of a challenge:
The challenge begins where for a real and true interpretation of the real security of animals, for example, domestic dogs, luxury and ultra-modern hotel under supervision (Paradise Supply Chain Cooperative), for dog kennels Establish a home.
Footnote: The construction of such a hotel with the rules, structures and facilities mentioned below is just a hypothesis and has never been implemented.
Safe dog house and
structure of plans and programs:
to establish such a well-equipped and at the same time finishing resort;
• First, the phenomenon of time must be possible and in its place. • Second
, human society must be ready to accept new ideas and thoughts about creation and not resist it
Genesis • New life • Depth • Existence • Light • ... But !!! .... But .. !! In each of the stations, before the transformation, changes and mutations are needed, all of which are great in order to improve the circulation of that transformation, to help man in this eternal destiny. Safe house of domestic dogs in the station of life: Safe house Animals As mentioned, it is a luxury resort and hotel that provides comfort and safety for domestic dogs.

His first task in this way is to remove the collar of the household name from their name
• And then the beginning of the period of psychoanalysis and psychological reconstruction of the animal from memories and mentalities related to the home period.
• Correction of negative and acquired behaviors and strengthening of instinctive behavior in a principled and racial direction
• Freedom to choose recreation and rest after treatment courses
• During the rest period to any extent until complete recovery and at the same time basic separation
• Introduction to the organization Animal Revolution to issue a birth certificate and valid identification documents and to carry out the next steps
of a safe house for domestic dogs and goals:
In the safe house of domestic dogs, in order to reach the common roots of the Animal Revolution Organization, it is necessary to achieve goals in this station to pave the way for further continuation, and these goals are:
• Complete reconstruction and psychoanalysis of animals' minds and memories. The events of being at home and reaching a clean and empty disk and ready to record new memories
• Correcting and reconstructing acquired and trained behaviors and returning to their instinctive and original behaviors which as a result can lead them to a level of will and discretion. Shouted and opened their minds from being locked up.
• Understanding the true meaning of freedom to human beings in the first place to know and respect the limits of this freedom, which is as boundless as their own freedom, and not to violate it during the station
• change the meaning and order of life; (Dog life)
• The meaning and order of life means (dog life)
In other words, the life of animals is not a symbol of inferiority in everything, but they have a life in their dignity, which is important and dear because the life of human beings is respectable. • Change the interpretation of animals
' play and entertainment from being always a toy to choosing to play and have fun, and also being self-sufficient in their choice of
entertainment . It is not something that can be talked about today and it will be more like a fantasy, but according to the beginning of the work of the Animal Revolution Organization under the supervision of the animal system and the supply chain of paradise and the activities performed, it can be said that because the above conditions Sit down, the world will go in the same direction as it always went, that is, it will be the great will of the holy essence of God.

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  •   true  Bernhardinner dogs
  •   true  Tosa dogs
  •   true  Welsh Sheepdog dogs
  •   true  Welsh Terrier dogs
  •   true  White Shepherd dogs
  •   true  YORKSHIRE TERRIER dogs
  •   true  scotch terrier dogs
  •   true  Samoyed dogs
  •   true  Salukis dogs
  •   true  Pug dogs
  •   true  poodle dogs
  •   true  Pointer dogs
  •   true  Papillon breed dog
  •   true  Zwergpinscher dogs
  •   true  Lhasa Apso dogs
  •   true  Yellow Labrador Retriever dogs
  •   true  Turkish Kangal dogs
  •   true  Irish Wolfhound dogs
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  •   true  GraceTheGreyhound dogs
  •   true  Great Dane dogs
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  •   true  Boykin Spaniel dogs
  •   true  Boxer dogs
  •   true  BOSTON TERRIER dogs
  •   true  Bernese Mountain dogs
  •   true  Basset Hound dogs
  •   true  Basenji dogs
  •   true  Austrian Pinscher dogs
  •   true  Australian Terrier dogs
  •   true  Australian Silky dogs
  •   true  Australian Shepherd dogs
  •   true  Dogo Argentine breed dog
  •   true  American Staffordshire Terrier
  •   true  MASTIFF dogs
  •   true  American Foxhound dogs
  •   true  American Cocker Spaniel dogs
  •   true  American Bulldog dogs
  •   true  Alaskan Klee Kai dogs
  •   true  Akita dogs
  •   true  Akbash dogs
  •   true  Mirage breed dogs
  •   true  Elanco company
  •   true  Drain the anal cyst
  •   true  Hourly maintenance
  •   true  Daily maintenance
  •   true  Weekly maintenance
  •   true  Monthly maintenance
  •   true  Create suitable and separate cages for sleeping
  •   true  Pay attention to the specific diet of the animals covered
  •   true  Pay attention to health conditions and medication needs
  •   true  Holding educational and training classes
  •   true  Providing washing and beauty services
  •   true  Game Park
  •   true  Mating services
  •   true  Photography studio and modeling photos
  •   true  Daily examination by a veterinarian
  •   true  Ability to walk and play

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