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Pet Hotel List, #82

The list of pet hotels in this system is presented with complete and comprehensive information and each of its sections is displayed separately in the predefined categories of the animal system.



Address قزوین خیابان شهید بابایی

Purpose: Marketing

Type of service: Main job

County: قزوین

City: قزوین

Postal code: ۳۴۱۴۷۵۵۱۷۴

Emergency number: ۰۹۹۲۰۲۳۶۹۰۹

lowest price: 000 toman

The highest price: 0000 toman

The head of the hotel: سعید زاجکانی

Donation account number: 0000

Name of account holder: Testing the Advertisement

Views Counter: 723



List Of Iranian Animal Hotels

You can see the list of Iranian animal hotels in this system by region, province and city.


Introduction and list of Iranian animal hotels in a specialized way with details of a semi-professional and professional animal hotel with the aim of attracting applicants and receiving entrance.


List of Iranian Animal Hotels Specialized Introduction

Introducing the services of animal hotels in this system has been considered in different details and for better display of specialized categories, we will discuss the following categories of introducing an animal hotel in Iran.


List of Iranian animal hotels Specialized introduction of categories

The professional classification of Iranian pet hotels helps the applicants to improve their appearance.


Category list of Iranian animal hotels


Mother Category Animal Hotel


Keeping domestic animals (livestock and poultry) under the mother category


Keeping pets is a subset of the mother category


Keeping wild animals in the mother category

This category also has a dedicated section that includes the following categories

Mammals Hotel

Birds Hotel

Reptiles Hotel

Amphibian Hotel

Aquatic Hotel

The registered categories, if specified professionally, can help to improve the display and also meet the needs of the applicant.


Select your mother category with the Animal Hotel option and also specify the sub category.


Address And Location Of Registered Pet Hotels

In this system, there is a feature called location registration by entering information in the address section, and by registering the location of the animal hotel, you can display it on the map with the desired icon of the animal hotel.

Your address can be tracked using GPS

Post A Photo In The Ad Of Iranian Animal Hotels

Limited number for free packages

Simply after the complete registration of the content of the ad, a section at the end of the ad is provided for uploading your photos.

It is recommended to upload your photos with a size of 1200 by 700 pixels.

High-quality low-volume images can help a lot to be displayed in search engines like Google.

Use color photos related to your services. For example, this ad is about Iranian veterinary clinics, and photos of the entrance of the veterinary clinic, interior space, as well as existing equipment or medical staff activities should be considered.

Record Video By Uploading The Iframe Code In The Advertisement Of Iranian Animal Hotels

The impact of the video on an ad can help improve your ranking, and consider that the general public can make a final decision by watching the video better, and especially in the case of introducing an animal hotel.

You can use the video recording tutorial to upload a video in your ad.

It is recommended that your video be less than 3 minutes long and be displayed as a teaser and have a volume of less than 100 MB.

Registration Of The Purpose In The Advertisement Of Iranian Animal Hotels

By creating a goal, you can have a better view of your services in the animal system. By selecting your target, a small image of the target topic will be displayed next to your ad in the categories.

Choosing a target is very important for improving the display as well as searching the system, and you should record this feature with prior thinking.


If your pet hotel ad is in the form of marketing and advertising, you can choose this option.


If your goal is to sell the hotel building or its equipment, you can target the ad with this option.


If you want to rent your pet hotel, you can use the rental option.


If your goal is to announce tariffs, discounts, openings, etc., you can advertise your pet hotel in this way.

Type Of Service In Registering Ads For Iranian Animal Hotels

The type of service in the ads can be a way to specialize your services.

It should be noted that by selecting this option, applicants can realize an important issue with the following topics:

Type of service: Main job

Type of service: Second job

Type of service: Recreational


Registration Of Text Address For Advertisement Of Iranian Animal Hotels:

You can take advantage of this by registering your location with friends who do not want to use the map and are not familiar with map reading.


Title registered in this section as follows:

City name

City Name

Postal code

Register The Emergency Number Of Animal Hotel Management

It should be noted that by registering an emergency number, it is possible to immediately communicate with the management and medical staff so that in case of any problem or accident that may be related to the lives of animals, the issue will be addressed immediately.

Registration Of Accommodation Costs In Iranian Pet Hotels

In this section, two boxes are considered for the highest and lowest prices, which in general indicate the cost of accommodation in the Animal Hotel.

Animal Hotel Management Registration

Adding the name of the pet hotel manager is very important and this section provides the applicants with the manager

Animal Hotel Donation Account Number

By registering this section, you can receive financial aid and people who want to donate money to Iranian animal hotels can also help your collection.


Name Of Account Holder

There will be no problem with registering the account holder to pay

Company Registration If The Collection And Agents Of The Animal Hotel Are Managed Through The Company

By registering the company details, you can easily increase the schedule and characteristics of your ad, or if your collection is not managed as a company, you can fill in the details of the company section, except for the company name, which includes the following:


 Company Name: Enter the company name

Logo or brand: which is the best way to upload a 250 px logo size in 250 px , should be considered after opening the ad, this section will open for uploading photos.


Mobile number: Register the mobile number of the company management or secretary

Website: Website address as a link can have a good output for advertising your collection.

Facebook link: If your pet hotel and collection has a Facebook social network, you can upload the channel or network link.

Twitter link: If the registered animal complex or hotel has a Twitter link, you can register the link in this section.


Instagram link: If the registered animal hotel has Instagram, you can fill this section with the link.


Telegram link: If the animal hotel has a Telegram channel or group, you can upload the link in this section.


YouTube link: If the Animal Hotel has a YouTube channel, by adding a channel link, this section can have a good output for your channel.


Membership in the National Association: Uploading your user link that is active in the forum can have a good output in the field of questions and answers, and applicants can ask you in this section if you have any questions, and also if your questions and answers as If there are ads in the forum, you can get a positive output.


Training Center Channel: If you work in the video training center and receive a training channel, you can share the channel link for applicants, it should be considered that the training center channel can have a good input in the field of science and advertising of your center.


Company description: In this section, you can upload a brief description of the animal hotel complex and the management company, considering that the description is not more than five lines.


Animal Hotel Management Hours

In this section, you can record the hours of activity of the secretary or the administrative section of the collection or company, for example, 8:00 to 16:00

Specialized details of Iranian animal hotels advertisement

By selecting the options, you can greatly help the performance of your ads, and this section is done simply by clicking on the empty square.


Note that the free package has option selection restrictions and you can not click on all options.


Select The Option Fluent In Other Languages

Choosing language options can greatly help the credibility of your collection in attracting tourists and customers abroad.


If you have a translator or introduction to the collection in other languages, you can choose the relevant options.

Registration Of Animals Under The Auspices Of Iranian Animal Hotels

 In this section, a list of different types of animals based on the category you have already selected, for example, the mammal hotel category is displayed with a picture related to that animal, and you can choose the animals covered by your pet hotel from among them.

Maintenance Services Based On Schedules In Iranian Pet Hotels

In this section, there are four options to choose from, which indicate how long it is possible to keep animals in the animal hotel.

Hourly maintenance

Daily maintenance

Weekly maintenance

Monthly maintenance

Registration Of General Duties Of Animal Hotels In Iran

In this section, there is also a list of duties of Iranian animal hotels, such as beauty washing services. Mating services. There is a daily examination by a veterinarian, which is very effective in gaining the credit of your collection

  •   true  English
  •   true  German
  •   true  French
  •   true  Chinese
  •   true  Persian
  •   true  Urdu
  •   true  Armenian
  •   true  Arabic
  •   true  Turkish
  •   true  Russian
  •   true  British Blue cats
  •   true  Scottish Blue Point cats
  •   true  British Shorthair cats
  •   true  Persian Super Flat cats
  •   true  Ragdoll cats
  •   true  Rational Blue Cat
  •   true  Doberman Pinscher dogs
  •   true  Georgian Nagazi dogs
  •   true  Rottweiler dogs
  •   true  Golden Retriever dogs
  •   true  Husky dogs
  •   true  German Shulin dogs
  •   true  Deutscher Schäferhund dogs
  •   true  alabay dogs
  •   true  Cane Corso dogs
  •   true  dalmatian dogs
  •   true  French Bulldog dogs
  •   true  Shih Tzu dogs
  •   true  SKYE TERRIER dogs
  •   true  Bernhardinner dogs
  •   true  Tosa dogs
  •   true  Welsh Sheepdog dogs
  •   true  Welsh Terrier dogs
  •   true  White Shepherd dogs
  •   true  YORKSHIRE TERRIER dogs
  •   true  scotch terrier dogs
  •   true  Samoyed dogs
  •   true  Salukis dogs
  •   true  Pug dogs
  •   true  poodle dogs
  •   true  Pointer dogs
  •   true  Papillon breed dog
  •   true  Zwergpinscher dogs
  •   true  Lhasa Apso dogs
  •   true  Yellow Labrador Retriever dogs
  •   true  Turkish Kangal dogs
  •   true  Irish Wolfhound dogs
  •   true  BULL TERRIER dogs
  •   true  GraceTheGreyhound dogs
  •   true  Great Dane dogs
  •   true  Pointer dogs
  •   true  Dachshund dogs
  •   true  ChowChow dogs
  •   true  Chihuahueño dogs
  •   true  Canaan dogs
  •   true  CAIRN TERRIER dogs
  •   true  Boykin Spaniel dogs
  •   true  Boxer dogs
  •   true  BOSTON TERRIER dogs
  •   true  Bernese Mountain dogs
  •   true  Basset Hound dogs
  •   true  Basenji dogs
  •   true  Austrian Pinscher dogs
  •   true  Australian Terrier dogs
  •   true  Australian Silky dogs
  •   true  Australian Shepherd dogs
  •   true  Dogo Argentine breed dog
  •   true  American Staffordshire Terrier
  •   true  MASTIFF dogs
  •   true  American Foxhound dogs
  •   true  American Cocker Spaniel dogs
  •   true  American Bulldog dogs
  •   true  Alaskan Klee Kai dogs
  •   true  Akita dogs
  •   true  Akbash dogs
  •   true  Mirage breed dogs
  •   true  Holland Lop
  •   true  Campbell
  •   true  Guinea pig
  •   true  Lop rabbit
  •   true  Mesocricetus auratus
  •   true  Mini Rex
  •   true  Dutch rabbit
  •   true  Rabbit Dwarf Hotot
  •   true  Rabbit Mini Lop
  •   true  Rabbit Mini satin
  •   true  Netherland Dwarf
  •   true  Polish rabbit
  •   true  Hemiphractidae
  •   true  Jaco parrot
  •   true  Myna
  •   true  Ostrich
  •   true  Elanco company
  •   true  Drain the anal cyst
  •   true  Hourly maintenance
  •   true  Daily maintenance
  •   true  Weekly maintenance
  •   true  Monthly maintenance
  •   true  Create suitable and separate cages for sleeping
  •   true  Pay attention to the specific diet of the animals covered
  •   true  Pay attention to health conditions and medication needs
  •   true  Holding educational and training classes
  •   true  Providing washing and beauty services
  •   true  Game Park
  •   true  Mating services
  •   true  Photography studio and modeling photos
  •   true  Daily examination by a veterinarian
  •   true  Ability to walk and play

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