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Zoos of Iran, #77

Zoos of Iran, a registered list to introduce the advertisement services of the animal system in order to improve the applicants entering the zoos. In this list, we will deal with the different parts of a registered zoo. Before registering an ad for a zoo, we suggest you read this ad…


Address قزوین میدان جانبازان

Purpose: Notifications

Type of service: entertainment

County: Qazvin

City: Qazvin

Postal code: for display

Zoo area: Testing the Advertisement m2

Entrance ticket tariff: Testing the Advertisement toman

Emergency number: 09384279419

Trained animal for handing over: I do not have

How to buy a product: send online and buy in person

Number of treatment staff: 0

Zoo management name: Test ad in the system

Name of senior veterinarian: Test ad

Donation account number: 0

Name of account holder: erpCoordinationIconFour

Views Counter: 1456251



Zoos Of Iran

You can see Iranian zoos in this system as regional, provincial and urban.

Introducing Iranian zoos in a specialized way with the details of a professional and semi-professional zoo with the aim of attracting applicants and receiving entrance.

 Iranian Zoos Specialized Introduction

Zoo introduction services in this system have been considered in different details and specialized categories have been used for better display. Below, we will discuss the various categories of introducing a zoo in Iran.

Iran Zoos Specialized Introduction To Categories

The professional classification of Bagh-e Vakhsh in Iran helps applicants to improve their performance.

List of categories of Iranian zoos

The right mother zoo

Bird Zoo sub-category of mother category

Reptile Zoo is a sub-branch of the mother category

Aquatic zoo sub-category of mother category

Mammal Zoo is a sub-category of the mother category

Amphibian Zoo is a sub-branch of the mother category

List of Iranian Zoo Advertising Categories

Registered categories, if specified professionally, can help improve the display as well as meet the needs of the applicant.

Select your mother category with the Zoo option and also specify the sub category.

Address And Location Of Registered Zoos

In this system, there is a feature called location registration by entering information in the address section, and by registering the location of the zoo, you can display it in the map with the desired icon of the zoo.

Your address can be tracked using GPS.

Address and location of registered zoos

Post A Photo In The Advertisement Of Iran Zoos With A Limited Number For Free Packages 

Simply after the complete registration of the content of the ad, a section at the end of the ad is provided for uploading your photos.

It is recommended to upload your photos with a size of 1200 by 700 pixels.

Low quality images can help a lot to be displayed in search engines like Google.

Use color photos related to your services. For example, this ad is about Iran's zoos, and photos of the entrance to the zoo, existing animals, and the route should be considered.

Upload a photo in the Iranian Zoo ad

Record Video By Uploading The Iframe Code In The Iranian Zoo Advertisement

The impact of the video on an ad can help improve your ranking, and consider that the general public can make a final decision by watching the video better, and especially in the case of introducing the zoo.

You can use the video recording tutorial to upload a video in your ad .

It is recommended that your video be less than 3 minutes and be displayed as a teaser and have a volume of less than 100 MB.

Record video in the zoo ad

Registration Of The Purpose Of Advertising An Animal Zoo In Iran

By creating a goal, you can have a better view of your services in the animal system. By selecting your target, a small image of the target topic will be displayed next to your ad in the categories.

Choosing a target is very important for improving the display as well as searching the system, and you should record this feature with prior thinking.


If your zoo ad is in the form of marketing and advertising, you can choose this option.


If your goal is to sell the zoo, you can target the ad with this option.


If you want to rent your zoo, you can use the rental option.


If your goal is to announce tariffs, discounts, openings, etc., you can advertise your zoo in this way.

Registration of the purpose of advertising an animal zoo in Iran

Type of service in registering ads for Iranian zoos

The type of service in the ads can be a solution for your specialized services.

It should be noted that by selecting this option, applicants can realize an important issue with the following topics:

Type of service : Main job

Type of service : Second job

Type of service : Recreational

These options can work well for personalized zoo ads that are from a collection of specific animals, for example:

Someone breeds special species of snakes and considers this part as a recreational service.

Or another person is a breeder and also has a parrot zoo and considers this as part of his second job and the first job of this person is parrot breeders who have registered another advertisement for parrot breeding.

Type of service in registering ads for Iranian zoos

Registration Of Text Address For Iran Zoo Advertisement :

By registering your location, you can take advantage of this to your friends who do not want to use the map and are not familiar with map reading.

Title registered in this section as follows :

City name

City Name

Postal code

Enter the text address for the zoo ad

Registration Of The Zoo Area In The Advertisement Of Iran's Zoos

It is very important to record the size of your zoo. Consider that you have a private zoo and a large number of visitors that you can not provide proper services, and this will cause inconvenience and reduce your reputation.

It is better to record the exact size of your zoo for public viewing.

The area should be recorded in square meters .

Enter the text address for the zoo ad

Registered Zoo Entrance Ticket Tariff

Registration of the zoo ticket and entrance fee can give visitors the privilege to visit the zoo individually or as a family.

Registered zoo entrance ticket tariff

Register The Emergency Number Of The Zoo Management

It should be considered that by registering an emergency number, you can prevent accidents.

A certain event may occur at the zoo and this can be resolved by telephone.

Trained Animal For Handing Over

In this section, the zoo can, if necessary, offer the animals that can be offered to the applicants by promoting the traces of trained animals.

There Are Two Options In This Section As Follows :


Do not have

Record How To Buy The Product From The Zoo

Select the option of offering the product in person or in person at the zoo or send it through special posts for animals.

There Are Two Options In This Section As Follows :

Buy in person only

Send online and buy in person

Registration Of The Number Of Medical Staff In The Advertisement Of Iranian Zoos

In this regard, you can enter the number of your treatment staff numerically and this will greatly help the credibility of your zoo.

Zoo Management Registration

Adding the name of the zoo manager is very important and this section provides the applicants with the manager.

The Name Of The Registered Senior Veterinarian Of The Zoo

You can increase the credit of the collection by writing the name of the senior veterinarian.

Zoo Donation Account Number

By registering this section, you can receive financial aid and people who are interested in donating money to Iran's zoos can also help your collection.

Name Of Account Holder

There will be no problem with registering the account holder to pay.

Other additional specifications

Registration Of The Company If The Complex And The People Of The Zoo Are Managed Through The Company

By registering the company details, you can easily increase the schedule and characteristics of your ad, or if your collection is not managed as a company, you can fill in the details of the company section, except for the company name, which includes the following:

 Company Name:  Enter the company name

Logo or brand: which is the best way to load the logo size of 250 px in 250px, should be considered. After registering the ad, this section will be opened for uploading photos.

Mobile number: Register the mobile number of the company management or secretary

Website: Website address as a link can have a good output for advertising your collection.

Facebook link: If your zoo and collection has a Facebook social network, you can upload the channel or network link.

Twitter link: If the registered collection or zoo has a Twitter link, you can register the link in this section.

Instagram link: If the registered zoo has Instagram, you can fill this section with the link.

Telegram link: If the zoo has a Telegram channel or group, you can upload the link in this section.

YouTube link: If the zoo has a YouTube channel, by adding a channel link, this section can have a good output for your channel.

Membership in the National Forum: Uploading your user link that is active in the forum can have a good output in the field of questions and answers, and applicants can ask you in this section if you have any questions, and also if your questions and answers as If there are ads in the forum, you can get a positive output.

Training Center Channel: If you work in the video training center and receive a training channel, you can share the channel link for applicants, it should be considered that the training center channel can have a good input in the field of science and advertising of your center.

Company Description: In this section, you can upload a brief description of the zoo complex and the management company, considering that the description is not more than five lines.

Working hours of the zoo management department

In this section, you can record the working hours of the secretary or the administrative section of the collection or company, for example, 8:00 to 16:00.

Company details in the introduction ad

Specialized details of Iran Zoos advertisement

By selecting the options, you can greatly help the performance of your ads, and this section is done simply by clicking on the empty square.

Note that the free package has option selection restrictions and you can not click on all options.

Select Languages ​​Fluent Option

Choosing language options can greatly help the credibility of your collection in attracting tourists.

If you have a translator or introduction to the collection in other languages, you can select the relevant options.

Fluent in languages

Animals Covered By Iranian Zoos

In this section, a list of animals has been uploaded, and their photos are also available next to the box. By selecting the desired box, you can display the photo of the animal and the name of the animal in your ad.

This section can have good information in the field of registering ads for Iranian zoos, and applicants who are looking to visit certain animals will be attracted to your collection in this way.

Categories Of Animals Covered In The Iranian Zoo Advertisement :

Bird category: which includes the bird family.

Category of reptiles: which includes the family of reptiles.

Mammal category: which includes the mammalian family.

Amphibian category: which includes the amphibian family.

Aquatic category: which includes the aquatic family.

Note that if there is no specific species you want, you can discuss the matter with the system management and the desired section or list of the desired species will be added for you.

Ability To Keep Animals Registered In The Zoo Advertisement

This section has three options and you can organize your zoo advertisement in the field of maintenance and display by selecting the options.

The Sections In The Animal Care Field Field Are As Follows :

pet care

Keeping pets

Keeping wild animals

Advertising in the animal system for Iran's zoos can have a high output in terms of segregation, classification and also attracting tourists. To register an ad, simply click on the river option at the top of the system.

You can see specialized explanations about registering a free, medium and special plans in the same entry section.

Consider that our goal is to help Iranian collections and we will work to develop the system on a daily basis.

Your criticisms and suggestions regarding the performance of the system and the registration of advertisements for Iranian zoos can be of great help to the development of the system.

Covered animals in the zoo

Be victorious and proud.

  •   true  English
  •   true  German
  •   true  French
  •   true  Chinese
  •   true  Persian
  •   true  Urdu
  •   true  Armenian
  •   true  Arabic
  •   true  Turkish
  •   true  Russian
  •   true  Cyclura lewisi
  •   true  Green iguana
  •   true  Red iguana
  •   true  Albino Python wing snake
  •   true  Chameleons
  •   true  Types of exotic reptiles
  •   true  Mealworms
  •   true  Tupinambis merianae
  •   true  Pythonidae
  •   true  Boa constrictor
  •   true  Ceratophrys ornata
  •   true  BEARDED DRAGON
  •   true  Tarantulas
  •   true  Gavialis gangeticus
  •   true  Gekko gecko
  •   true  Lacerta media
  •   true  Agama
  •   true  Coral snake
  •   true  Egyptian peacock
  •   true  Nymphicus hollandicus
  •   true  Lobalin and Ablaq lovebirds
  •   true  sebright chicken
  •   true  Agapornis roseicollis
  •   true  Trichoglossus haematodus
  •   true  pyrrhura molinae
  •   true  Psittacula eupatria
  •   true  Finch Goldin
  •   true  Bengali Finch
  •   true  Taeniopygia guttata
  •   true  Agapornis roseicollis
  •   true  Nymphicus hollandicus
  •   true  White canary
  •   true  British Blue cats
  •   true  Scottish Blue Point cats
  •   true  British Shorthair cats
  •   true  Persian Super Flat cats
  •   true  Ragdoll cats
  •   true  Rational Blue Cat
  •   true  Doberman Pinscher dogs
  •   true  Georgian Nagazi dogs
  •   true  Rottweiler dogs
  •   true  Golden Retriever dogs
  •   true  Husky dogs
  •   true  German Shulin dogs
  •   true  Deutscher Schäferhund dogs
  •   true  alabay dogs
  •   true  Cane Corso dogs
  •   true  dalmatian dogs
  •   true  French Bulldog dogs
  •   true  Shih Tzu dogs
  •   true  SKYE TERRIER dogs
  •   true  Bernhardinner dogs
  •   true  Tosa dogs
  •   true  Welsh Sheepdog dogs
  •   true  Welsh Terrier dogs
  •   true  White Shepherd dogs
  •   true  YORKSHIRE TERRIER dogs
  •   true  scotch terrier dogs
  •   true  Samoyed dogs
  •   true  Salukis dogs
  •   true  Pug dogs
  •   true  poodle dogs
  •   true  Pointer dogs
  •   true  Papillon breed dog
  •   true  Zwergpinscher dogs
  •   true  Lhasa Apso dogs
  •   true  Yellow Labrador Retriever dogs
  •   true  Turkish Kangal dogs
  •   true  Irish Wolfhound dogs
  •   true  BULL TERRIER dogs
  •   true  GraceTheGreyhound dogs
  •   true  Great Dane dogs
  •   true  Pointer dogs
  •   true  Dachshund dogs
  •   true  ChowChow dogs
  •   true  Chihuahueño dogs
  •   true  Canaan dogs
  •   true  CAIRN TERRIER dogs
  •   true  Boykin Spaniel dogs
  •   true  Boxer dogs
  •   true  BOSTON TERRIER dogs
  •   true  Bernese Mountain dogs
  •   true  Basset Hound dogs
  •   true  Basenji dogs
  •   true  Austrian Pinscher dogs
  •   true  Australian Terrier dogs
  •   true  Australian Silky dogs
  •   true  Australian Shepherd dogs
  •   true  Dogo Argentine breed dog
  •   true  American Staffordshire Terrier
  •   true  MASTIFF dogs
  •   true  American Foxhound dogs
  •   true  American Cocker Spaniel dogs
  •   true  American Bulldog dogs
  •   true  Alaskan Klee Kai dogs
  •   true  Akita dogs
  •   true  Akbash dogs
  •   true  Mirage breed dogs
  •   true  Holland Lop
  •   true  Campbell
  •   true  Guinea pig
  •   true  Lop rabbit
  •   true  Mesocricetus auratus
  •   true  Mini Rex
  •   true  Dutch rabbit
  •   true  Rabbit Dwarf Hotot
  •   true  Rabbit Mini Lop
  •   true  Rabbit Mini satin
  •   true  Netherland Dwarf
  •   true  Polish rabbit
  •   true  Bufonidae
  •   true  Hylidae
  •   true  Pelobatidae
  •   true  Altinda Toad
  •   true  Leiopelmatidae
  •   true  Megophryidae
  •   true  Pelodytidae
  •   true  Pipidae
  •   true  Rhinophrynidae
  •   true  Scaphiopodidae
  •   true  Aromobatidae
  •   true  Arthroleptidae
  •   true  Brachycephalidae
  •   true  Brevicipitidae
  •   true  Calyptocephalellidae
  •   true  Centrolenidae
  •   true  Ceratobatrachidae
  •   true  Ceratophryidae
  •   true  Craugastoridae
  •   true  Cycloramphidae
  •   true  Dendrobatidae
  •   true  Dicroglossidae
  •   true  Eleutherodactylidae
  •   true  Heleophrynidae
  •   true  Hemisotidae
  •   true  Hylodidae
  •   true  Hyperoliidae
  •   true  Leiuperidae
  •   true  Leptodactylidae
  •   true  Limnodynastidae
  •   true  Mantellidae
  •   true  Micrixalidae
  •   true  Microhylidae
  •   true  Myobatrachidae
  •   true  Nasikabatrachidae
  •   true  Nyctibatrachidae
  •   true  Petropedetidae
  •   true  Phrynobatrachidae
  •   true  Ptychadenidae
  •   true  Pyxicephalidae
  •   true  Ranidae
  •   true  Ranixalidae
  •   true  Rhacophoridae
  •   true  Sooglossidae
  •   true  Strabomantidae
  •   true  Hynobiidae
  •   true  Cryptobranchidae
  •   true  Sirenidae
  •   true  Ambystoma
  •   true  Dicamptodontidae
  •   true  Salamandridae
  •   true  Proteidae
  •   true  Rhyacotriton
  •   true  Amphiuma
  •   true  Plethodontidae
  •   true  Pristidae
  •   true  syngnathidae
  •   true  Octopoda
  •   true  Dolphin
  •   true  Eagle ray
  •   true  Cryptobranchus alleganiensis
  •   true  Clupea harengus
  •   true  seal
  •   true  Pinnipedia
  •   true  Dugong dugon
  •   true  Trout
  •   true  Sirenia
  •   true  Pomacanthidae
  •   true  Acanthuridae
  •   true  Amphiprioninae
  •   true  Anguilloidei
  •   true  Gasterosteidae
  •   true  Salmon
  •   true  Rutilus kutum
  •   true  Actinopterygii
  •   true  Danio rerio
  •   true  Guppy
  •   true  Acipenseridae
  •   true  Barbus
  •   true  Platyfish
  •   true  Poecilia
  •   true  Anoplogaster
  •   true  Abramis brama
  •   true  Astrotia
  •   true  Bolbometopon
  •   true  Cyprinus carpio
  •   true  Scomberomorus commerson
  •   true  Stromateidae
  •   true  Carassius auratus auratus
  •   true  baleine
  •   true  Types of sharks
  •   true  Coral
  •   true  Sea anemone
  •   true  Seagrass
  •   true  Obelia
  •   true  Seaweed
  •   true  Asteroidea
  •   true  Shrimp
  •   true  Lobster
  •   true  Odobenus rosmarus
  •   true  Congiopodidae
  •   true  Porpoise
  •   true  Costasiella kuroshimae
  •   true  Pacific sea nettle
  •   true  Crab
  •   true  Sea sponge
  •   true  Astronotus ocellatus
  •   true  Frantosa fish
  •   true  Melanochromis auratus
  •   true  Cichlasoma
  •   true  Cichlasoma Nigrofasciatum
  •   true  Hemichromis bimaculatus
  •   true  Aequidens rivulatus
  •   true  Mikroqeophaqus ramirezi
  •   true  Blood parrot cichlid
  •   true  Pterophyllum scalare
  •   true  Pangasius hypophthalmus
  •   true  Myxocyprinus asiaticus
  •   true  Notopterus chitala
  •   true  Silver arowana
  •   true  Metynnis fasciatus
  •   true  Serrasalmus nattereri
  •   true  Scatophaqus arqus
  •   true  Selenotoca multifasciata
  •   true  Corydoras spp
  •     Xiphophorus
  •   true  Pet
  •   true  Domestic animals
  •   true  wild animals
  •   true  Bird family
  •   true  Rodent family
  •   true  Mammalian family
  •   true  Reptile family
  •   true  Amphibian family
  •   true  Aquatic family

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